Damage reports


A matter of perspective

Whether injury to a boat is sustained by virtue of bad weather, incidents with other vessels or an operating failure in a yard, a damage report typically includes the reported circumstances of the damage, statements from owners, operators and witnesses, identification and description of the vessel and its condition as well as the damage incurred.  Where appropriate, it will also include a damage appraisal, a review of estimates for reasonable repairs plus pre and post-loss valuations. 

If necessary, the survey will identify the need for and recommend third party specialists to evaluate the damage and help define suitable repairs in key areas. This outcome is more likely in the case of fire, complex mechanical failure, extensive damage to a hull or electrical/electronic systems.

As well as reporting the overall condition of the hull, the survey may recommend necessary areas for repair as well as measures to improve the condition of areas not yet in need of essential restoration as a precaution against future weakening. 

Commissioned by the insurer or owner the report focus on facts and an account of all damage sustained by the vessel.  It has integrity and authority based on its independent perspective, recommending the repairs needed to restore the vessel to prime condition.  


Even severely storm damaged vessels can be recovered and repaired.

Even severely storm damaged vessels can be recovered and repaired.